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With IQOS you haven't quit smoking, you've only lowered the health risk of smoking

Switching to IQOS doesn't mean you've quit smoking. I'd even go as far as to say that it's wrong to be happy about enduring the transition to it. You should probably take it as no more than a change of the cigarette label that isn't necessarily cheaper but for sure is less harmful. 


In our Facebook group, I often encounter posts where the users who posted them are saying how happy they are with themselves for not lighting a cigarette for some time and they even keep count of how long it's been since the last one, also telling others how important it is to stick to IQOS. All that while the strongest argument is the smell and bad taste of cigarettes after a while of using IQOS. 


IQOS is smoking

Let me tell you my subjective and I think an even better and healthier approach to using IQOS. The main thing is to realize that you haven't quit smoking. First, it really isn't true you have, and second, you're setting yourself up for a trauma, similar to being in a state of quitting and that really doesn't help anything.


IQOS can be used to completely replace smoking. HEETS cartridges contain less nicotine than standard cigarettes and while at transition it is possible to smoke more of them but I've seen mostly the opposite, people smoking less because they don't light up only because of boredom and so on. 


IQOS is less harmful than smoking


Stop patting yourself on the back for finding a less harmful way of satisfying your addiction that you can't get rid of. For the same reason, IQOS can't be recommended to nonsmokers and it is very important to keep it away from children who might come to the conclusion that IQOS isn't a health risk due to a massive marketing campaign.  


If you take switching to IQOS just like a change of cigarettes label you will have no reason to stress about smoking a classic cigarette when it happens, and it can happen. It will not taste good anyway and you'll feel like you have an ashtray in your mouth, it's really disgusting. 

IQOS isn't cheaper than cigarettes and you'll not get rid of addiction with it, but you'll get rid of tar and the smell of cigarettes.

IQOS is less harmful than cigarettes by up to 95%. 


IQOS is kind of like starting to eat healthier

Switching to IQOS resembles the situation when you stop eating all kinds of sweets and junk food. It's a change of lifestyle. But it doesn't guarantee you that will not get a heart attack, nothing can. You also can't tell yourself that you're on a diet. Otherwise, you're risking gaining it all back.


Eating healthy is reasonable, and so is IQOS when compared to smoking classic cigarettes. However, if you light a classic one from time to time, the damage is somewhat the same as if you are trying to eat healthier and then one day you pour yourself a glass of cola. 


Does IQOS help with quitting? It does!

IQOS, no matter how imperfect it might be or seem, will get you rid of the smoking ritual that happens to be one of the obstacles that make it very hard to quit smoking. Many IQOS users come to the point when they stop smoking completely. First, they lower the nicotine intake, then they got rid of the ritual. Putting away an electronic cigarette is just so easier then to put away a classic cigarette. It can be recommended if you perhaps consider quitting in the future. Of course, getting rid of the addiction completely is the best you can do.



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