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Where to get blueberry, chocolate, and gingerbread HEETS

There is being sold a whole variety of HEETS flavors in the world. For example, one of the most desired is the blueberry purple label.


We're quite sure you've already encountered basic flavors such as Amber, Yellow or Turquoise. But there are more of them, you can check out this complete list of all HEETS flavors.


There are being sold blueberry and HEETS on a daily basis in Russia and in Korea. Many nonconfirmed reports suggest there exist gingerbread and cognac label in Switzerland but it's very unlikely. In some countries, e.g. Germany, you can come across extra strong Bronze, a label that is often mistaken for chocolate. But it's not. Chocolate doesn't exist.

How much do extra strong HEETS cost in Germany


In the pictures taken by Yvonne Ullmann you can see how HEETS look in Japan, where HEETS is being sold looking like this and labele as Marlboro for IQOS. They are more expensive. If you're looking for exotic flavors you can also get Parliament Blue and Fresh. You can try and get these flavors in our Facebook HEETS Buy&Sell group where members from all around the world trade HEETS of all kinds.

Marlboro for IQOS can be bought in Japan

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