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Where to buy blueberry flavoured HEETS Purple, how do they look and where are they sold

This label might probably be the most popular one. However, it can't be sold anywhere in the EU.


Blueberry can be considered the most popular HEETS label. It is sold labeled as HEETS Purple Label and is available only in outside-of-the-EU countries. According to the manufacturer, the menthol flavor contains the taste of blueberries and forest fruit.


Where to buy HEETS Purple


Purple HEETS can be bought in Russia and in South Korea. You can also find them in Japan under the Marlboro for HEETS label, these are much more intensive. If you want to get some and bring them home, you should reach how many HEETS you can carry when crossing borders.


Who rarely travels can try to get these on the internet. They are being sold on eBay where you'll often find the Korean version. They are much more expensive when bought on the internet.

You can also try asking the members of our Facebook group about HEETS.



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