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Where to buy IQOS and what is its price, how much does Marlboro HeatStick for IQOS cost

IQOS is now available in the US, you can buy it online, but you have to go to a first physical store in Atlanta. In Europe it is mainly sold by specialized IQOS Coach, you can order a meeting at the Customer Care Center or at the official website, and you can also visit branded outlets in shopping centers.


How to buy an IQOS electronic device?

IQOS is intended only for current adult smokers that Philip Morris wants to convert to healthier smoking. Therefore, it is only sold in the US to adults over 21 years of age, in Europe over 18 years of age. That's why IQOS partners or couches are offered to visit you at a café, pubs or business center. Order a meeting with your IQOS partner.


For more information in your country visit the IQOS official website:


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Selected shopping centers include IQOS Lounge or Pop-up IQOS Stands with accessories and services. IQOS is also available for purchase in the parlor networks of tobacco stores.


How much is the IQOS?

The selling price of IQOS devices is similar in most countries, in the US it costs $ 100, the European price is 99 €. The sales package includes an IQOS device consisting of a charger and a holder, a wall charger and a cleaner.


What is the price of HEETS or Marlboro HeatStick

The price of the cartridges varies depending on the usual price of cigarettes in a particular country. Current price in USA is $ 8 for 20 pieces of Marlboro HeatStick, in Germany 6 €, in Eastern Europe it costs approximately 4 €.


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