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What to do when HEETS don't give away as much vapor as they should

The quality of HEETS can sometimes differ. Puffing can be harder. The key is probably how well they are stored. What to do when they don't produce as much vapor as they should? 


In our Facebook group, we encounter posts where IQOS users complain about the varying quality of HEETS tobacco units. According to many reactions, it seems, the situation is slowly improving, the change of formula and pack labeling has also helped. But we can still sometimes find a HEETS that doesn't work as it should. It's either too stiff so it can't be put into the holder or just doesn't produce much vapor.


Before we get into it, I'll tell you this. HEETS have their own warranty. Philip Morris treats all complaints on IQOS devices really well, and with HEETS it's just as good. Going back to the store where you bought it to return it is a possibility. If they for any reason make a fuss about it, you can always call your dealer.

How to improve the quality of HEETS

Not everyone has the time for returning every low-quality pack, so you can help yourself this way.

  • The main thing is to have your holder clean. The heating blade, especially. How to clean IQOS correctly.
  • You can insert the cartridge after you heat the holder. The blade, when heated, should go through the tobacco easily.
  • You can try rubbing the tobacco part a little with your fingers. Be careful not to break it, though. The tobacco part is only like half an inch long, the rest is the filter.
  • Blow into the cartridge from the tobacco side. 
  • While already smoking, you can pull out the cartridge, turn it 90 degrees to any side, insert again and it's possible, it'll work better.
  • Some users are of the opinion that the best thing to do is to freeze the pack. After you take it from the freezer, they get warmer and the cold water condenses inside so they are moisturized.
  • You can try licking the cartridge from the side. Just slightly. It should be good then. Don't overdo it, though, the vapor could get too hot.

Remember that these are just bits of advice from our fans and IQOS users. What is good for someone, might be bad for someone else. There are people who claim that there are bad cartridges in every other pack, and then there are those who say that they've never had any problem whatsoever. Tell us in the group what you think.



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