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What is IQOS Mesh, how to smoke it, the price and where to get VEEV cartridges

IQOS Mesh is another device from the Philip Morris electronic cigarette family. It is very similar to the standard electronic cigarette, but it is filled with capsules containing gel liquid.

Philip Morris takes the transition to alternative and, in particular, less harmful ways of smoking very seriously. At the same time, it develops several devices to reduce risks while maintaining a sustainable business for shareholders. At the beginning of the year, we introduced TEEPS, working on the principle of tobacco heating, similar to IQOS. While we are still waiting for it, in some countries the electronic cigarette IQOS Mesh is being sold.


What is IQOS Mesh

Mesh is basically a classic electronic cigarette, working on the principle of heating liquid, which may contain nicotine and flavors. At the same time, this is also a disadvantage as it requires regular maintenance, and there is a risk of leakage, especially for cheaper models.

IQOS Mesh is innovative. It's filled with closed VEEV capsules, in which the liquid is heated from the outside. Thus, many issues you may encounter when smoking a classic cigarette are eliminated, but the use is exclusively limited to capsules from the manufacturer.




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