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Tutorial on how to travel with IQOS, in a plane put it in the carry-on baggage, HEETS availability

As the summer is coming, people tend to ask how to travel with IQOS on a plane, how to get through the airport security check with it, and where you can or can't take it. We've put together a list of countries where it's available, where you can get HEETS and how to file a complaint.


In our Facebook group the second most frequent question, right after Issues and complaints, is how to travel abroad with IQOS, where to put it when traveling on a plane, what to do if IQOS breaks abroad. Here's a full tutorial on how to get past all of these questions. Do you have an experience of your own? Share with us and we might put it in the article for others to see.


How to travel with IQOS on a plane

Most often you are wondering where to store your IQOS when flying. IQOS is an electronic device with a battery, therefore it must be only in your pocket or carry-on baggage. You mustn't put it anywhere else. In addition to the prevention of terrorism, there still is a threat of the battery exploding due to the high pressure.


Check-in in carry-on baggage or pocket passes without any problems in all countries except for Thailand, where all electronic cigarettes are banned. The ban is very strict and you shouldn't tempt it.


IQOS is banned on the plane as well as other electronic cigarettes. You often ask whether smoke detectors will detect it. They won't. So if you suffer from a nicotine deficiency and you have the courage to break the ban, you can safely enjoy it and there is basically no chance that someone will discover it but you shouldn't do it as there is a reason for the ban and it isn't considerate to people around you.


IQOS worldwide availability

IQOS is sold the most in Europe, South Korea, and Japan. The list of all countries where you can buy IQOS is always up to date. We've also added prices of HEETS. 

How many HEETS you can carry across state borders

IQOS failures and complaints abroad


In countries where IQOS is available (see link above), IQOS service and claims are the same as ours and the warranty is international. So far, Philip Morris is providing a virtually unlimited warranty everywhere and always replaces a piece for a piece. If you need help in a foreign country, call your country's info line to find your nearest dealer. Exceptions are probably exotic countries where we do not have this information confirmed.


Worldwide Customer Care Center contacts



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