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Tips and tricks for IQOS users, important first steps with HEETS

Welcome to the IQOS Heated Tobacco Family. We've put together a list of important tips to help you make the most of your revolutionary non-burning cigarette.


Have you become new owners of IQOS? Read how best to use IQOS in the first days and months. All tips are verified by many users of our Facebook group IQOS World.


First steps with IQOS

Don't be surprised by the new taste of heated tobacco. It is important that you give IQOS a chance and put away classic cigarettes for a few days. After a week passes, you won't believe how disgusting those classic cigarettes are. 

Maintain your original habits from the start of the IQOS transition to avoid increased consumption. It is very tempting to smoke it at home, if you didn't smoke cigarettes at home, don't do it with IQOS.


IQOS Health risk

IQOS's impact on health is a frequent issue, so we have a whole IQOS and Health section about it. Keep in mind that tobacco use is always dangerous. With IQOS didn't quit smoking, you've just reduced the health risk. Experts in various studies discuss the content of HEETS, and the user experience can be found in the article What is the effect of IQOS on health.


Review and comparison of IQOS 2.4 and IQOS 3 and IQOS Multi

IQOS is sold in three versions, the latest is IQOS 3 and Multi, the previous is 2.4 Plus. From the point of view of tobacco use, THEY'RE ALL THE SAME, the new devices have mainly improved the use and battery life. You will find all the experiences in the Reviews section, all IQOS 3 articles can be found in the IQOS 3 section.


HEETS cartridges

The separate HEETS section contains a lot of information about almost all offers.

You can buy HEETS in almost all newsagents, gas stations, IQOS shops and in the e-shop.

  • HEETS Sienna Label - red color, strong tobacco taste
  • HEETS Amber Label - orange color, tobacco taste with a slight trace of nuts
  • HEETS Yellow Label - yellow color, a trace of citrus
  • HEETS Turquoise Label - turquoise color, menthol
List of all HEETS flavors
  • HEETS Bronze Label - brown color, strong tobacco taste, almost cigarillo-like
  • HEETS Blue Label - blue color, strong mint
  • HEETS Purple Label - purple color, blueberries, and forest fruit
  • HEETS Green Zing - light green color, lime


Contacts, Complaints, Customer Care Center

In the footer of the website, you will find a link to direct customer service contacts where they can help you with any problem or question and complaint. You can also get quick answers in our FB group, but first look in our search because we've tried to answer everything.



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