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The ban on the use and import of IQOS and all electronic cigarettes in Thailand, the threat of prison time

There is a strict ban on imports and exports across Thailand for IQOS and all other electronic cigarettes in accordance with the law from November 2014.


Do not take  IQOS or HEETS with you if you're going on a holiday to Thailand. According to the 2014 act, import, export, and sale of cartridges are prohibited under a fine of up to 20,000 BTH or ten years in prison. The restrictions are mainly directed at marijuana smokers and other drugs that can be used in electronic cigarettes but also inadvertently apply to IQOS.


Similar problems have Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand



The enforcement of IQOS ban

IQOS kind of well accepted when entering the country by air travel, it is recommended to carry it exclusively in your carry-on baggage and will probably go unchecked. But not necessarily.

One example where police were uncompromising 

Most of the tourists have never encountered the IQOS ban and they have no idea it even exists. However, in our Facebook group, there are members who claim that their IQOS has been confiscated, including following x-ray check-ups for their checked baggage.


Some people have also met police officers who were greedy and were asking for a bribe, and it was quite a lot of money, under the threat of prison time.


Penalties for using e-cigarettes in Thailand

The law is clear, if you are caught importing, exporting, or using an electronic smoking device, it will be seized and you may be fined with up to 20,000 BTH and/or imprisonment for up to 10 years.


When caught, you might feel the urge to pay the bribe as it is easier than ten years of prison, but you know, we don't suggest this at all, it's against the local law which you should respect, so our recommendation is clear - don't take your IQOS with you


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