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Strange HEETS flavors, Deep Bronze, Green Zing, Fresh Emerald, Clean Silver, Balance Yellow

The offer of HEETS flavors is gradually expanding, with new strangely named variations appearing in autumn 2018. Most of them come from the original Japanese Marlboro.


The new HEETS variants are probably the hottest topic in all discussions in our Facebook group. The basic offer is not very rich so the black market is rampant with Russian imports of Purple, Korean Silver, and even competing Fiit.

List of all HEETS flavors


New flavors from Japan

The offerings for IQOS are gradually unifying under the HEETS label, as it is happening with Russia and Ukraine Parliament. Thanks to this, Philip Morris is coming with new flavors. For the most part, the new ones, that you can see below, come under new, strange names. It is retreating from colored design just like the first to come to our market, Sienna, originally HEETS Red. From now on, you buy see these:


HEETS Deep Bronze

We know these from Germany, but also from Ukraine or Poland. Bronze is of intense tobacco taste, kind of reminding cigarillos.

HEETS Clean Silver

We already know the silver variant from Korea. The taste is very light.


HEETS Fresh Emerald

The brand new Japanese variant is Fresh Emerald with menthol. The taste is somewhat lighter than in classic Turquoise.

HEETS Balanced Yellow

In Balanced Yellow you can feel a slight trace of citrus.

HEETS Green Zing


Russia and Ukraine have also improved their conditions. With Bronze, and the latest Green Zing being featured in the Korean offer among the most popular HEETS Purple. Green refers to menthol, what is zing, we can only guess. We taste menthol, lime, and tobacco, very similar to dark green Marlboro but with less intensity.


HEETS Cedar a Gold

Strange labels continue in Korea, with HEETS Cedar, cedar wood referring to a bronze-like tobacco flavor, HEETS Gold reminiscent of Sienna without flavor.




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