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Revolutionary! New cigarettes called TEEPS, disposable and comfortable

IQOS heats up tobacco, it doesn't burn it. But heating it needs electricity. Philip Morris develop a technology, that can heat up tobacco without using electricity. 


Philip Morris is currently developing several options to supply smokers with reduced risk of nicotine without burning. The basic platform that seems to have the greatest future so far is well known as IQOS. The second development version based on an electronic cigarette is IQOS Mesh, which heats VEEV cartridges containing gel liquid with nicotine. Mesh is on trial in the UK.


The most daring platforms are TEEPS, without recharging the base and heater, the source of heat is carbon heating. Disposable cartridges contain real tobacco and their sleeve is equipped at the end with a special carbon tip, which, after being ignited by a conventional lighter, heats the tobacco similarly to IQOS. The cartridges are discarded after use.



While IQOS requires increased care, recharging and cleaning, TEEPS are much more like regular cigarettes. Philip Morris chose the unusual destination of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to test sales in 2018.

Two different platforms for tobacco heating

However, it turned out that production would be unprofitable and customers had problems with carbon offsets. The TEEPS project has therefore been suspended and postponed indefinitely. The manufacturer has already presented this new technology on his web, you can take a look.

Unique photos were taken for you by my colleague Greg, who owns the largest unique IQOS collection in the world, you can see more in the gallery below the article.

Write to us in the comments, how would you like to buy boxes of non-burning cigarettes that smolder and do not burn?

Source: Photo by Greg




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