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Review: How I've received two IQOS devices for Christmas and put them both in use

Christmas is a great time of the year and one can never underestimate telling his family what he wishes to get. This way you avoid getting something you'd not find useful. But you are risking getting the same thing twice. 


There wasn't a single member of my family who wouldn't notice how excited I am about IQOS. I wouldn't talk about anything else. And when I had borrowed one, right before Christmas began, I think I'd often get annoying, even. But I very much enjoyed being the centre of attention, I mean, IQOS was a whole new thing and there wasn't anything like it since the first smartphone. After all, now you are reading a web that happens to exist only due to this excitement and you've probably come from our Facebook group.



Borrowing IQOS was also quite the strategic move. Everyone's noticed what I want and thus no one asked me about it. Two birds, one stone, as they say. Also, no more worries to those who always ask me what I want for Christmas and I tell them either to get me nothing because I don't need anything or to get me some socks. 


It happened one day before Christmas Eve. My mother decided to spend a large portion of her income to make me really happy. The IQOS dealer came and with him, he brought my new device. So my excitement got even bigger once I found that the new device works much better and HEETS are way tastier than from the borrowed one.



It was in the evening when my brother called. He wished me good luck and suddenly we were talking about IQOS. He listened patiently as I was again really excited. I should have noticed he didn't share the same feelings about it. But I just didn't realize. He told me he would come by the next day.



So he came. We've enjoyed some time together and then he gave me this nicely packed gift. I didn't look in immediately. It kinda struck me when he said that if anything wasn't ok I should call the dealer. I raised my eyebrow and looked at him with a little confused expression. He told me I would understand once I open it.


So I went home, couldn't wait to open the gift. And as I was holding my new IQOS in my left hand, there was suddenly also a new IQOS in my right hand. I couldn't believe it. It just felt really awkward. We are both adults so we didn't give each other gifts that much anymore. And now he's decided to give me this pricy gift and I had two of them. He tried to act like it doesn't bother him.


Dear brother, you and my mother both made me very happy. No matter how many IQOS devices I'd already own. I see you noticed what I really wanted and that alone makes me grateful. And you can keep calm, the idea of me breaking my only IQOS device and not being able to smoke is quite scary for me. So I'd need to buy another device anyway. And now... I don't need to. And they're in different colors. You're the best, brother! 


Update: One week later


Both IQOS devices live together in symbiosis. They come in very handy when I forget to put the holder back in the charger so I use both of them on a daily basis. The white one travels with me, black one stays at home, always waiting for me. 


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