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Prepare you own flavored HEETS at home, blueberry, watermelon, strawberry

 You can easily prepare HEETS of own flavor choice at your home, your imagination can go wild while at it, you can try blueberry, lime, bubble gum, all that using either special aromas or flavor cards that you insert into your HEETS pack.


HEETS flavors are probably the most discussed topic of IQOS owners. Therefore, an active trade has sprung in our HEETS Buy & Sell Facebook Group. Everyone is interested in tasting HEETS from Russia, Ukraine or exotic HEETS from South Korea and Japan. But traffickers want a lot of money for them. However, for a few bucks, you can prepare these at home.


How to prepare flavored HEETS

On the market, you can buy many different kinds of flavors. You can try a liquid for electronic cigarettes or flavor cards for classic cigarettes.


Flavoring aromatic cards

Card-flavored aromas are the easiest way to make flavored HEETS. Better avoid those cheap ones, they won't work as good. We suggest you try premium brand FRIZC, a quarter of one card is inserted directly into the HEETS pack and it will create a nice and strong flavor of your choosing. 

We recommend using the HEETS Sienna Label, which is non-flavored, Amber with a trace of nuts or citrus Yellow are less suitable, but everyone has to find out for themselves what suits them the best.


Liquids for e-cigarettes

Better results are achieved with liquids, but it takes more preparation. Liquids were originally designed for electronic cigarettes, but do not confuse them with liquid mixtures (base+aroma), you only need the aroma. Dozens of different types are also sold. Users in our Facebook group shared with us their experience that is overall very positive.


The procedure is quite a challenge. Drop about 10 drops of aroma on a piece of cotton wool and seal it in a box together with the HEETS pack. Leave it like that for a few hours. It is better to remove the HEETS from the pack before you seal it, but it is not necessary. You will quickly find your own formula and procedure on how to get the best out of it.

  • Inawera
  • Hipzz Freeze
  • Imperia Shark
  • Imperia - Blueberry

 We also tried dripping liquids aromas directly into HEETS (increased fuming as a result) or flavoring into a HEETS box or on individual cartridges. The results aren't very good. Dripping the aroma into the tobacco will incredibly only create a disbalance in the vapor, dripping into the filter will cause it to taste strange. Yet in the group, there is a member who puts pure nicotine directly into the tobacco because he the original 0.5 mg in HEETS is just not enough for him. But always be careful about what you put into your body, it could be dangerous. And in high doses, it could even poison you.


Do you have any experience with flavoring HEETS by yourself? Share with us in the comments.




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