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Practical tips on how to protect your IQOS during winter and when it's cold outside

Not only during winter but also whenever it's cold, electronics deserve more attention than usual. IQOS is very sensitive to temperature changes so we'll show you how to take care of it.


Just like any battery-powered electronic device, IQOS also reacts badly to cold weather. As a user, I've noticed that for example the smoke gets cooled much better but it's the charger that can cause problems.


Operating temperature according to manufacturer

Operating temperature IQOS 2.4+ is 50 - 86 °F

Operating temperature IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi is 32 - 104 °F


Tips for when it's cold

IQOS is dependant on its battery. However, when it's cold the battery can lose part of its capacity. And in extreme temperature, it can even stop working. Fortunately, the defect is only temporary and when your IQOS returns to normal conditions, it should start working well again.


On a regular basis, you can see that your holder starts flashing red. All it takes is to warm it up in your hands, then put it back into charger and wait for it to charge again. It should take a minute to get ready again.

  • Keep your IQOS in acceptable temperature, better keep it in your pocket than in a bag
  • When heating up, IQOS can warm your hands nicely. Return it to good temperature right after.
  • Don't leave your IQOS in unheated spaces, in a cold car or outside.
  • If your IQOS is too cold, don't ever try heating it up quickly. Never try using a radiator, for example.
  • Keep in mind that, just like with glasses, when you bring your cold IQOS back in warm, water might condense in it. IQOS should be protected enough by default when this happens but it's always better to try and prevent this.

The best solution to all this is to keep your IQOS in a case that you can get either from the manufacturer's online store or you can try to look it up on the internet and you should be fine.



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