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Original IQOS charging station with two USB ports

This charging station is an interesting IQOS accessory. The device doesn't have to lay loosely on the table and is always charged in this original and quite stylish charging station that comes in two colors.



Philip Morris has expanded its accessory offer by adding this original charging station. IQOS is inserted from above and starts charging when you hear a click. The charging station is connected to a socket by a micro-USB cable (not included in the package). It's best to use the original IQOS charging cable with a minimum output of 2,1A. Also, there is a free USB port in the station, so that's a nice touch, and can be used to charge your phone, for example.



You can buy either Navy blue or White. This accessory is also quite expensive but we've got used to it. 


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IQOS charging station



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