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Original IQOS ashtray for your car

On the manufacturer's official e-shop you can find many new accessories. With IQOS 3 we've got brand new aluminium ashtray for used HEETS that you can use at home or in the car.



Philip Morris continues to add a luxurious feel to the IQOS brand and creates new accessories for prices that are quite high, in my opinion. On the e-shop or at IQOS stores you can buy an aluminium ashtray with a ceramic surface that's meant to be used at home and for your car you can choose from two variants that are designed for cup holders.


Both ashtrays are fitted perfectly for your standard cup holder, following pictures of the aluminium ashtray were taken by our Facebook group member Kuba L. During use, be careful when you want to open it. The cap is designed somewhat strange and it is possible to break it if you're not careful enough. 


Aluminium ashtray in the car cup holder

The cheaper and less luxurious plastic variant has a HEETS pack holder instead of the cap, which is really practical, and it is possible to wash it in a dishwasher. 


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