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Official content of HEETS cartridges according to the manufacturer Philip Morris

The manufacturer hasn't yet officially published the content of HEETS. Upon our e-mail, he's sent us this statement which we've decided to publish without editing. 


Many customers were asking us about the content of HEETS. On many different websites, especially those that are focused on vaping, you can find many speculations about what HEETS consist of. They often claim that the cooling component in the filter might be unhealthy. So we'd decided to approach the manufacturer directly via e-mail. Here we publish his complete answer that somewhat copies our original article taken from foreign sources.


Content of HEETS according to Philip Morris

Filter with biopolymer film (foil inside the filter) it is made of polylactic acid, which is one of the most widespread biopolymers in the world. Obtained from sugar cane or starch, it removes excess water vapor from the aerosol and thus reduces the aerosol/vapor sensation temperature. Philip Morris International (PMI) evaluated it as suitable for use. During IQOS testing, it was not revealed that any harmful substances would be released from the biopolymer film.


Filter mouthpiece is made of cellulose acetate, which is similar to a cigarette filter. The tube, the polymer film filter, and the tobacco plug are packaged in a refill paper and attached to the filter mouthpiece by a paper tipper.


Tobacco filling is designed solely for IQOS, it is made from a selected blend of real tobacco. IQOS copies many of the sensory and ritual aspects of smoking but uses heating, not combustion. It should not be used with cigarette smoking at the same time. The average duration of use is approximately the same as when smoking a cigarette, but tobacco refills are not cigarettes and do not ignite with matches or a lighter.


Under the HEETS paper, aluminium foil is used to prevent ignition of the tobacco charge. The taste of tobacco filling with aluminium foil is very similar to standard cigarettes. The presence of aluminium foil does not affect the overall chemical composition of the aerosol produced by IQOS.

As tobacco is only heated and not burned, IQOS does not generate smoke, but by heating, it produces an aerosol from the evaporation of water, glycerin and nicotine with the true taste of tobacco without fire, ash, cigarette smoke and cigarette odor. Glycerin is used in many consumer products (food, medicine and cosmetics) and is on the list of approved European food ingredients. It has also been approved by the health authorities for inhalation products.


The long-term impact of inhaling glycerin is unknown, but according to the results of short-term studies, it is expected to be much lower than when inhaling cigarette smoke. We have tested the IQOS device (which produces glycerin) in a rigorous evaluation regimen that includes human studies. We also carry out several post-marketing follow-up studies to monitor the impact of using IQOS.



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