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Nice and simple portable Heetstray for your IQOS

Once again, we've tested another interesting IQOS gadget that you can find on Amazon. Little closable box that comes handy whenever there are no ashtrays around. It had one great advantage - the "cigarette butts" can't be smelled when kept inside.



On you can find a whole load of interesting gadgets that make your life more simple and that are also much cheaper than official IQOS products. And this little portable Heetstray that fits into your pocket is one of them.



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Ceramic covered aluminium can, cool looking "ashtray" without smell, we call it Heetstray


Do you enjoy smoking IQOS and the fact that compared to cigarettes it leaves almost no mess? You can take it even further. Sure you've already found out there needs to be somewhere to put all those "cigarette butts". We've come to very much like this ceramic covered aluminium can that is designed especially for IQOS. 


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