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New HEETS Willow Selection variant with lime flavor

The end of menthol cigarette sales is approaching, and Philip Morris is expanding the HEETS flavor offering to encourage smokers to move to less harmful IQOS that is not affected by the menthol ban. The latest addition is HEETS Willow.


Since May 2020, a European ban on the sale of all flavored cigarettes, including menthol, will come into effect, affecting thousands of smokers. IQOS offers them an alternative because the ban does not apply to heated tobacco.

What are the variants of HEETS in the world

Philip Morris is expanding the range of menthol flavors in response to regulation. In most of Europe last year he introduced the ice-mint variant Blue Selection, in Britain and Poland also strongly menthol Green Selection. For 2020, the lime menthol variant comes under the brand new brand name Willow Selection, known from the Russian-speaking countries or South Korea as Green Zing.


Distribution started today in Hungary, other selected European countries will follow in the first half of the year. Price will be the same as for other variants.


An interesting feature of the new variant is a gentle flavor of citrus, which is announced by the manufacturer in promotional materials. This will be the first HEETS flavored variant in Europe, where Philip Morris has so far been reluctant to distribute such variants so as not to unnecessarily raise the EU's suspicion of influencing especially the youth for whom flavors are attractive.


But the market is relentless, the competition does not worry too much about the regulations and is trying to push through the established IQOS uncompromisingly. We hope that this is the first symptom and we will see other variants known from abroad, such as the highly sought after HEETS Purple Wave with a taste of blueberries and forest herbs.

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