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List of all Marlboro HeatSticks and HEETS flavors, which are now being sold globally in 2020

We have summarized all HEETS flavors for year 2019. There has been quite a boom with varieties lately, also branding is getting more standardized except for Japan and USA.


In 2019 big changes happened concerning branding HEETS all over the world. There are still some exceptions, but most of the countries turned to new design. All flavors are match with individual colors and are called HEETS Selection.


All HEETS have now the same amounts of nicotine per one tobacco stick – 0,5mg. Flavor is the thing, which varies. (official product composition).

Where to buy HEETS abroad? List of countries and prices here


Marlboro flavors in U.S.

The price for 2020 was $ 55 per carton with 10 boxes of 20 each.After IQOS has been officially approved by the FDA for sale, since autumn 2019 it has been sold in the US with Marlboro HeatSticks cartridges in three versions. The price for 2020 was $ 55 per carton with 10 boxes of 20 each.

  • Marlboro HeatSticks Regular
  • Marlboro HeatSticks Smooth Regular
  • Marlboro HeatSticks Smooth Menthol

HEETS flavors in Europe and Asia

Unusual HEETS types are being sold all over the world, some of them even with hint of fruity tones. Most popular are Russian blueberry HEETS Purple.

Europe has banned flavored cigarettes, therefore Phillip Morris goes with the regulation and no cigarettes of such type are now being sold in the EU at this moment.

How much nicotine can be found in one HEET? Official list of ingredients here
  • HEETS Bronze Selection - brown color, intense tobacco aroma, almost cigar like tones
  • HEETS Sienna Selection - red color, distinctive tobacco tones
  • HEETS Amber Selection - orange color, intense flavour with nutty tones
  • HEETS Yellow Selection - yellow color, smooth flavor, citusy like tones
  • HEETS Turquoise Selection - turquoise color, strong menthol flavour
  • HEETS Green Selection - dark green, menthol (UK, PL, Korea)
  • HEETS Blue Selection - dark blue, super strong minty flavor
  • HEETS Willow Selection - lime and minty tones
  • HEETS Kelly Selection - lime and minty tones (PL)
  • HEETS Teak Selection - light brown, wooden tones (DE, GR, RU)
  • HEETS Terra Selection - purple, malty tones (DE, GR, RU)
  • HEETS Gold Selection - semi strong flavour (Korea, RU, UKR)
  • HEETS Red Selection - red, intense and pure tobacco tones (DE, GR)
  • HEETS Purple Wave - purple, blueberry and forest herbs with mint (RU, UKR)
  • HEETS Silver Selection - silver, smooth flavor (Korea, RU, UKR).
  • HEETS Cedar Selection - brown, similar to Teak (Korea)
  • HEETS Green Zing - lime and minty tones (Korea, RU, UKR)
  • HEETS Sienna Caps - Sienna with switch menthol capsule


Marlboro for IQOS in Japan

In Japan are the tobacco sticks being sold under the Marlboro brand for IQOS. They can be recognized for its colorful cover. 


In Japan, you can already already get new types of HEETS. Even trough the innovation they still have different visual than they have in Europe. 

Japan Marlboro for IQOS
  1. Marlboro IQOS Regular Blue
  2. Marlboro IQOS Light Blue (Balanced regular)
  3. Marlboro IQOS Silver (Smooth Regular)
  4. Marlboro IQOS Menthol
  5. Marlboro IQOS Mint
  6. Marlboro IQOS Purple Menthol

Where to buy flavored HEETS?

If interested in exotic types of HEETS, join the specialized Facebook group HEETS, where such offers can be found. 


Fiit for Lil

Tobacco sticks Fiit can be found on the market as well. They are primarily meant for electronic cigarette Lil from South Korea. The sticks are compatible with IQOS, but not certified for the device. More about Fiit here in the article published couple of days ago.



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