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List of all HEETS labels and Marlboro HeatStick for IQOS, its prices, why there are no flavors in U.S

In this article, we bring to you a list of all IQOS cartridges, HEETS, Marlboro HeatStick for IQOS, Parliament, with approximate prices, and also info on where to buy them.


Heat, not burn IQOS device has been used worldwide for a while now. The cartridges offer can vary by country. Currently, it's being unified under the HEETS label. IQOS was first released on the Japan market, so there happen to be many flavors, and just like with Switzerland, it's also due to not being under the legislation of the EU which forbids tobacco to be flavored.

All of HEETS should contain the same dose of nicotine. In 0,3 grams of tobacco you'll find 0,5 miligrams of nicotine. They differ only by taste (official content of HEETS).


Blueberry and Cognac HEETS reportedly in Switzerland

Marlboro flavors in U.S.

Since the autumn of 2019, IQOS has also been sold in the US with Marlboro HeatSticks in three versions. The price for 2020 was $ 55 per carton with 10 boxes of 20 each.

  • Marlboro HeatSticks Regular
  • Marlboro HeatSticks Smooth Regular
  • Marlboro HeatSticks Smooth Menthol

HEETS flavors in Europe and Asia

The European union's legislation forbids the manufacturer to make flavored tobacco. The only exception is the menthol flavor, thus the offer varies only by its intensity. According to Philip Morris, every country prefers different tastes. Therefore, in Germany, you can find the bronze label to be most intensive, while Poland prefers menthol flavors. In Germany, you'll get a pack of HEETS for 6 EUR, in Poland for 15 PLZ without any price advantage when buying a whole carton. 

  • HEETS Bronze Label - brown, strong tobacco taste, (not chocolate)
  • HEETS Sienna Label - red color, distinctive tobacco tones
  • HEETS Red Label - red, intensive, clean tobacco taste (Germany and Greek)
  • HEETS Amber Selection - orange color, intense flavour with nutty tones
  • HEETS Yellow Selection - yellow color, smooth flavor, citusy like tones
  • HEETS Blue Label - deep blue, strong cold mint (not menthol)
  • HEETS Turquoise Selection - turquoise color, intense mentol flavour
  • HEETS Green Label - dark green, menthol (UK, Korea)
  • HEETS Purple Label - purple, blueberries and forest fruit (Russia, Ukraine)
  • HEETS Silver Label - silver, very mild taste (Korea)
  • HEETS Cedar Label - brown, similar to Bronze (Korea)
  • HEETS Gold Label - medium strong taste (Korea)
  • HEETS Green Zing - menthol and lime flavor (Korea, Russia, Ukraine)

Despite looking different in Switzerland, these are classic Bronze Label HEETS and can be bought for 8 CHF

The global HEETS offer 

IQOS was first released in Japan where it quickly became very popular, taking 30% of the whole tobacco market. Cartridges in this country are being sold under the Marlboro for IQOS label with many flavors.

Parliament Blue and Fresh from the East

You can buy all of these easily on the internet. Many brave fans from our FB group have tried ordering these but their reactions vary from person to person. 

  1. Marlboro IQOS Regular Blue
  2. Marlboro IQOS Light Blue (Balanced regular)
  3. Marlboro IQOS Silver (Smooth Regular)
  4. Marlboro IQOS Menthol
  5. Marlboro IQOS Mint
  6. Marlboro IQOS Purple Menthol

Since autumn, HEETS have been slowly penetrating Japan's market and they should slowly replace Marlboro for IQOS. All of the news from Japan.


Where to buy flavored HEETS

If you want to try other flavors you can try our Facebook HEETS Buy&Sell group where you can find many offers from travelers. 




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