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Is IQOS dangerous for your health? Cough, bleeding gums, headache

IQOS is not risk-free, even though it produces demonstrably fewer pollutants, some up to 90%, it is still a use of nicotine, which is a violent addictive substance and threatens health.


From the discussions in our Facebook groups under the label IQOS Impact on Health, we have, after a year, compiled a list of various possible responses to using HEETS in IQOS. According to a Swiss study, IQOS produces up to 95% fewer pollutants, but it does not address health responses. It should be added at the outset that these are subjective and professionally unsubstantiated impressions of the users.


All symptoms, and especially their explanations, are based only on observation, they are not measured and cannot be taken as scientific. If you have health problems, quit IQOS and consult your doctor.

Other experiences in the IQOS Harmfulness section  

Coughing after IQOS

Warm vapor might come as a surprise for the beginner. Coughing is very normal. It is just a matter of habit to learn to take lighter and longer puffs, with more pauses so the vapor can get cooled down in the filter.


But the cough doesn't disappear right away. Lungs are cleaning themselves, getting rid of tar. We have already described what you cough out.


But as the cough will slowly begin to go away, your breathing will improve, you will recognize it after a few days. This is the most obvious change when switching to IQOS.


Dry mouth and acne

Another thing when using IQOS is the feeling of dry mouth and dry lips. Warm vapor causes this feeling of dryness, lips react this way to the contact with a heated filter. This condition is not fundamentally annoying and generally persistent, you should drink more water and it will go away.


Especially women sometimes complain about acne. Again, this is a sign of the body cleaning itself. You know, cigarettes devastate the skin, inhaled substances dry out the skin and it ages extremely quickly. After switching to IQOS, the skin becomes more oily again, leading to acne in some women. Nothing pleasant, but after some time, everything will go to normal, maybe even better than before you started smoking cigarettes.


Aphthae and increased gum sensitivity

Individuals describe increased bleeding of the gums when brushing their teeth. IQOS does not cause it, but some substances in the inhaled steam can support it. So, the best advice here, go and see your dentist. The same substance can also cause the appearance of aphthae in people who have never suffered from them before. Usually, both symptoms disappear within about half a year, if not, again, go see your dentist.


Headache and nausea

Occasionally some users mention headache, in some cases stomachache. Most often they seem to be weak smokers. All HEETS variants contain the same amount of nicotine, about 0.5 mg per cartridge, which is almost half that of cigarettes. We think that thanks to a more effective way of inhalation when most of the tobacco does not burn away like in a cigarette, the body gets much more nicotine. Nicotine is a violent poison, its stomach irritation is proven and can also cause headaches. The solution can be to drink more fluids. Again, if it doesn't help, put away IQOS and go see a doctor.


Allergic reactions and skin rashes

Ingredients contained in glycerin may cause allergic reactions to the skin, increased skin sensitivity, or mild rash. It should go away, again, if it doesn't put away IQOS and go see a doctor.


Gaining weight

And finally one evergreen. Gaining weight? Try running.  Although nicotine has been shown to accelerate metabolism and it is proven that smoking cessation causes short-term weight gain, IQOS shouldn't change that as it also contains nicotine.


But it is a fact that, according to our Facebook group members, quite a lot of people get fat. You have not quit smoking by switching to IQOS. Try some sports and it should all be well. Within a month you will appreciate that endorphin coming from your effort and that is even more addictive than nicotine. You've already got rid of a cigarette ritual, and maybe you can even quit smoking completely, it's effortless today.



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