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Introduction of the new IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi

At the beginning of 2019, Philip Morris introduced the latest version called IQOS 3 along with the new IQOS 3 Multi. See all color variations.



IQOS 3 is an evolution, it brings many improvements, for which it definitely deserves attention. The biggest innovation is the magnet in the charger, which removes the failure rate of the recharging and the known red diode flicker. On the other hand, the HeatControl heating technology remained unchanged, the blade and the usage time remained almost the same as in the 2.4 Plus.

New IQOS 3 Gray
  • New design
  • Three holder vibrations added signaling of HEETS reaching operating temperature.
  • Holder charging time reduced by 40 seconds to 3:30 minutes 
  • Extended battery life to 14600 cycles (2 years)
  • Removable charger covers fixed by magnetic pins
  • Magnet holding the holder in the charger
  • New charging cable using USB-C technology
  • New mechanical cleaner, reaching to the bottom to the blade

The basic version of IQOS 3, surprisingly, will not replace the current 2.4 Plus model but will complement it as a more luxurious version, the old model will become cheaper. Four color variations will appear in the menu from day one:

  • Metallic gold with a smooth surface
  • Metallic blue with a rubbered surface
  • White with a smooth surface
  • Grey with a rubbered surface

New IQOS 3 and Multi Blue

IQOS Multi


The new Multi is designed to have the easiest handling possible. It consists of one piece only and can heat up ten HEETS in a row, then it needs to be charged for about an hour and a half. So it doesn't last quite as long as the competing GLO that is really big and heavy, while the IQOS Multi surprises with its lightweight and very comfortable grip.

  • All in one
  • Heats up 10 HEETS in a row
  • Charges for 75 minutes
  • Battery life 14600 cycles (2 years)
  • Three types of vibrations
  • Bluetooth


The function of IQOS 3 Multi is otherwise the same as other IQOS devices. After opening the cover, the HEETS, which is heated by the same technology as the standard IQOS, is inserted from above and the entire upper part is closed. It is recharged again using the USB-C connector at the bottom, where you will also find four diode charge indicators. It is cleaned with a classic IQOS cleaner. 


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