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IQOS is better than smoking, less harmful for your health but it's not exactly cheap

What impact IQOS has on your health has always been the core of any debate. There is only one opposing independent study that argues with the manufacturer's results.


The harmfulness of the electronic cigarette IQOS has always been the core of any debate, every new user asks about it and therefore we have even reserved a separate section for it, you can find the section in the main menu. However, after three years of experience with IQOS in the world, all the information is still very limited.


IQOS is harmful and isn't exactly cheap

Using tobacco is without any doubt harmful. You become addicted to nicotine and that just isn't good. But you don't inhale only nicotine, there are other substances, glycerine vapor, for example. And Philip Morris isn't really keen on revealing the secret of what the content of HEETS is. Even though we know many of its components, we will probably never be completely sure. 


The price of HEETS is based on the price of Marlboro cigarettes and is trying to be just a little below it. Therefore, HEETS aren't the cheapest solution and never will be.


Experience with IQOS

We've already addressed the effects of IQOS in our article Experience with IQOS from a passionate smoker. After inhaling IQOS for the first time it takes a few days, sometimes a few weeks for individuals to feel many different effects. It mostly depends on how much they've been using it, whether they are sensitive to changes or not and also how to body cleans itself after quitting classic cigarettes.

  • cough of any intensity, the body is getting rid of tar
  • irritating lungs with unusually warm smoke before getting used to it and learning to puff slowly
  • dry lips from the warm filter often last for months, depending on the intensity of smoking


In our Facebook group, people often mention effects that have only happened to them and never to anyone else. They admit they can't be quite sure about their cause, too. It's probably because people tend to be more aware of any change because they watch themselves better after switching to IQOS. It can be oily skin (it's proven that cigarettes make the skin dry), aphtae, headaches, skin rashes. Philip Morris agrees with the possibility that for one percent of users it is possible to have allergic reactions to IQOS making the skin itch.  

The content of HEETS

It's true, however, that no one yet has been complaining for a longer period of time. This suggests, that it is probable that this is the way the body just reacts to switching from classic cigarettes which are much more harmful and also to inhaling the warm vapor. After some time, everything becomes alright again. If not, we recommend quitting IQOS and visiting a doctor. 


IQOS health risks

There are of course more discussed health risks than these individual effects. Nevertheless, it is a proven fact that classic cigarettes are more harmful to your health than IQOS and that they deliver to your body more toxic substances in larger doses, many of them are carcinogenic. This was even proven by this independent study although it shows some concern for other substances. 

The official content of HEETS according to Philip Morris 

We're not quite sure if the scientists will ever find out any connection of some illnesses to IQOS. For standard smoking, it also took a few decades. Always remember that it is always a risk to put these unnatural substances into your body. But we know for certain that if you can't get rid of your addiction, even though quitting is easier today than it used to be, switching to IQOS is better for your health than continuing smoking. 



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