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IQOS is a lifestyle that can become an obsession, is it the new iPhone?

I've come to like IQOS very much. I usually justify this by its lowered health risk. So far, it is also a nice addition to my new healthy lifestyle. But the manufacturer would like to make it a device of the masses, much like Apple with its iPhone.


For a long time, smoking has not been trendy. In the public eye,  smokers became hunted. However, smokers themselves know it's probably the right time to move onto something else that doesn't damage your health as much as cigarettes.


IQOS has become an obsession of mine

I described in one of the first articles here on the web How I started with IQOS, after the initial coughing and sputtering I learned how to smoke IQOS properly (yeah, I know, use, not smoke :-)) I now happen to enjoy the bliss of helping other people who have also decided to give it a try.


It has become my obsession, with all the limited editions on the table, all of the accessories available and as a menthol lover, I switch between Korean, Japanese and European HEETS every single day.


What's the next step for IQOS?

Philip Morris is seeking a similar success as Apple with its iPhone. IQOS is heading in the same direction, dominating the electronic cigarette market in Japan, and also South Korea with its 45% share of the market. Philip Morris would like to keep this reputation of a luxury product with the superior customer support, yet the vision of the tobacco industry is clear, by 2030 some form of a smokeless product must replace classic burning cigarettes on condition that shareholders lose none of their money.


And what about you? If you came from Google, you might be thinking about IQOS or you've probably just bought it. Who's following us on Facebook already belongs to the family. How do you see the future of IQOS and similar products? Share with us in the comments.


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IQOS is now available in the US, you can buy it online, but you have to go to a first physical store in Atlanta. In Europe it is mainly sold by specialized IQOS Coach, you can order a meeting at the Customer Care Center or at the official website, and you can also visit branded outlets in shopping centers.


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