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IQOS electronic device, how does smoking without burning work?

IQOS is a trademark for the Philip Morris electronic cigarette - a heating device used to heat and smoke tobacco without the need of burning it.  


IQOS is a revolutionary electronic tobacco heating system, specially designed for heating tobacco rods up to 350 ° C, without burning. This significantly reduces health risks.


IQOS, derived from I Quit Ordinary Smoking, was invented, developed and designed by Philip Morris, a company that produces the famous Marlboro cigarettes, for example. The manufacturer says that their goal is to reduce the health impact classic cigarettes may have on their customers, so they've invested more than 3 billion dollars into this device. 

What do HEETS contain exactly according to Philip Morris?

In reality, cigarette manufacturers are under great pressure coming from the world non-smoking community. They're constantly looking for the idea of how to change the subject of their risky business. And IQOS might be just the thing. It's possible to expect that similar products, based on "non-burning", might be promoted in the future way more than we've got to see already.


In many countries, non-burning cigarettes are being sold under the name HEETS, in other countries IQOS from Marlboro (List of all HEETS flavors). They're very similar to classic cigarettes, but they are much shorter, the tobacco is not crushed but pressed back into tobacco sheets, there's glycerine in it, filled into a tube with a hollow biopolymer acetate filter and a cellulose mouthpiece.

Philip Morris expects IQOS and other devices of this kind to quickly make more than a half of the tobacco market just like it happened in Japan, and eventually replace classic smoking completely. 

The shortened cigarette called the tobacco unit is inserted into your device. There is no burning going on in IQOS but it heats the glycerine contained in tobacco to approximately 660°F which then releases steam that carries nicotine. The taste should be similar to cigarettes, although it somewhat differs, and there is almost no smoke to be seen afterwards and there is no odour.




As HEETS don't burn, there are no tar and solid particles that are usually inhaled when smoking a classic cigarette. Even despite many controversial discussions of all kinds of experts, this smoking could be possibly taken as more considerate because it takes no more than two weeks for an IQOS user to feel how his respiratory system is getting better and breathing is much easier.  


The contents of IQOS box

In 2018, IQOS is being sold mostly through a network of dealers. This dealer will show the customer how everything is done and as such gives the customer a full lecture. Next option for the buyer is to buy IQOS in specific newsagents or in an IQOS Store. 


The box includes:

  1. Charger IQOS
  2. Holder IQOS
  3. Charging cable USB 2A
  4. Cleaning brush 
  5. Ethanol cleaning sticks


The tobacco unit is heated in a holder that is placed back in the charger after every use where it needs to be charged for 4 minutes to be used again. It looks like a smaller electronic cigarette but there is no liquid as IQOS uses real tobacco. Holding the button on holder for a while activates it and after approximately 15 seconds it's possible to heat tobacco. HEETS is inserted into it and pressed on the heated golded and ceramic blade that's inside. The holder will keep heating the cigarette for either 6 minutes or 14 puffs. When the tobacco unit is finished, holder vibrates and turns off in the next 30 seconds. The unit is then removed by pulling out the top part of the mouthpiece. 
It is good to clean the holder once a day with this egg-shaped IQOS brush because there might be some tobacco left in the device. During heating phase there are also nicotine particles settling in it, so once a week clean the device with ethanol cleaning sticks that are to be bought everywhere where you can buy HEETS (you are also given a few when you buy the device).
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IQOS charger is used to charge the holder that needs to be placed in it after every use. The charger has to be charged after heating the holder for approximately 30 times. With the charging cable that is given with it when bought it should take 2 hours.
Although it's a universal USB connector which you can find almost everywhere these days use the given cable only as it is designed to be the most effective for IQOS (2A). Except for charging, there is no other thing to take care of with the charger.
IQOS 2.4+ charger has two buttons on the side and a row of LED lights. The first light shows that the holder is being charged. Next four lights show the battery life. The top button opens the charger. The bottom one is used to pair IQOS with your smartphone using Bluetooth. You can download the IQOS app from Google Play and it gives you a few more options.

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