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IQOS Motor Edition, the best looking limited edition you can't normally buy

 IQOS is sold worldwide in many variations, in the first half of 2018 you could buy a crimson Ruby, and from the summer even Blue and Pink. But there is no way to get the Motor Edition. Or is there?


Although all color variations are referred to as limited editions, you can usually buy them at every IQOS Store, Ruby Edition even went to a discounted price with HEETS cartons even before the end of the sale. During the summer, customers hunt for a sold-out metallic Pink or Blue.


IQOS Motor Edition

The Motor Edition is a real limited edition for VIP customers in Europe. For the first time, we could see it in a Formula 1 paddock, in some countries, customers could win it in a Moto Grand Prix competition, the top ten lucky ones got it along with their main race tickets for recommending IQOS to their friends.


Limited editions do not bring any new features compared to the standard White and Navy variants, the focus is on the design alone as it's designed for customers who want to be different. The Motor has an internal body in a bright red color with metallic silver charger covers, complemented by matte black buttons and top lid.


The red element is also placed on the holder, it is the very first variant, which has a colored strip between the lower matt black and the upper metal silver cap. A black button has a white diode button.


It is a really cool color variation, complemented even by a black cleaner and a charging cable, which I dare say is probably the nicest we'll ever see. However, due to limited availability, a potential complaint could be a major problem, with a few pieces arriving in each country, and its owners can only hope that the PM has a few of them left for the time when an exchange is needed.


Where to buy Motor edition and what's the price

IQOS Motor is sold only exceptionally, and today it is available only to dealers at Aliexpress and other world markets, but the price is overwhelming.




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