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IQOS 3, Multi and IQOS 2.4 Compared - Is buying the new generation worth it?

The new generation of IQOS 3 comes with some user-friendly improvements, such as extended battery life and faster charging. We've compared all the devices for you so you can see whether it is worth it to buy a new generation IQOS.


Following the launch of the new generation of IQOS, people often ask us in your FB community group whether it is worth it to buy a new device, what are the differences and if it's generally better. While the older version of the device is cheaper, the new one is still being sold for the opening price which is higher and users, of course, want to know what they spend their money on.


IQOS 3 Improvements

We've already done a review of IQOS 3 and in great detail, so that might come handy when deciding whether to buy or not. To summarize it here, we really appreciate faster charging (3,5 min.), the modern, "quite minimalistic" design with changeable heater and holder covers. But most importantly, we love the comfort that came with side opening and magnetic holder. 


Comparison of IQOS devices

Charging 120 min. 75 min. 75 min.
Battery life app. 30 HEETS app. 20 HEETS 10 HEETS
Heater charging time 4:10 min. 3:30 min. no charging
Total battery life 7 600 charges 14 700 charges 14 700 charges
Charging connector micro USB micro USB-C micro USB-C
Weight 119 g 121 g 46 g
Dimensions 113 x 51 x 22 mm 115 x 46 x 23 mm  fits into palm
 Bluetooth yes yes yes
Basic colours      
Price without discount app. 70 € app. 111 € app. 98 €
Price with a box of HEETS app. 63 € app. 111 € x
Elaborate articles Experience Review Review


Long time experience

After a longer period of testing, nothing has changed in our opinion. The innovation is just better. What else can an IQOS user want than to own the most comfortable device available?


We also really appreciate the shorter heater charging. Though you might think "a few seconds here, a few seconds there, what do I care", in reality, you really can feel the difference. The holder is being charged much faster and it is great.


Very interesting are the dimensions and weight. From the first moment, you might have the impression that IQOS 3 is lighter and smaller than its predecessor. By weighing and measuring (the official values are not published) we find that it is slightly the opposite actually, IQOS 3 has all the values higher, except for the width.


Smokers can get annoyed by the shorter battery life, although the manufacturer mentions the two-year battery life extension - by that, he means how many times you can charge it, not how long one charge lasts. The IQOS 3 charger can charge the heater in about 20 times.


Is it worth it to get a new IQOS? 

The question that we've already asked ourselves in the review. And today, we know the answer. Even though IQOS 3 is a bit more expensive than the older version, it is worth buying. Comfort, improved cleaning, charging, design customization... It just really is better. 


Feel free to join our FB community, where you'll come across many useful tips on how best to use your device. You can engage in exchanging new ideas, trade HEETS, ask questions we haven't yet managed to address and so on. 


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