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How to take IQOS apart and change its battery


In the video, you can see how easy it is to take apart IQOS and change its battery or its covers. In the article, you'll also find a link to changing holder battery.


Taking IQOS apart by removing its side covers or changing its battery is no big deal, so we're happily waiting for Chinese manufacturers to come up with many colorful variants that can be used instead. Changing side covers can be handy even in a case when you submit a claim for your IQOS that has stickers on it. On the spot, you can negotiate to keep your covers while also getting a new device.  

Tutorial on how to take IQOS apart and change its battery


Proceed carefully and with patience. Covers can be taken off, for example, by using a guitar pick or your nail. But don't forget that by this procedure you might lose your warranty!



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