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How to reset IQOS when having trouble with charging and seeing red ligh

As with any kind of electronics, not even IQOS goes without trouble from time to time. Some of it can be solved by resetting the charger or restarting the holder.


If the holder seems to be taking too long to charge or the red light's on when you pull it out of the charger and HEETS isn't being heated, before filling in a complaint you should try to reset it. 

How to reset IQOS 3, DUO, Multi


How to reset IQOS charger

Resetting the charger is very easy. This tutorial works with the newest IQOS 2.4 Plus with Bluetooth.

  1. Press the Bluetooth button and the Switch button both at once. Then release. 
  2. Wait for approximately 2 seconds until all LED lights flash.
  3. Reset is finished.


How to reset IQOS holder

You can even reset the holder. If it's discharged and you can see the red light flashing all it takes it to hold its button until the light goes out.


If resetting your device didn't help you, you're still left with the complaint possibility. You can visit IQOS store or contact your dealer. Or you can even try Customers service that will upon request dispatch a new device to you.



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