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How to register and unpair IQOS from a customer account for easy complaint

It is better to register every IQOS device to your customer account. If it isn't there, for example, if you've bought a second-hand device, you can still add it.


If you've bought your IQOS device via a partner or in IQOS store, you don't have to worry about anything. Your IQOS is already registered to you using your e-mail. You can find your device on in your account. You can register any device you want, but every single one of them has to be on a separate account. If you've just bought a second-hand device, follow these instructions.


My IQOS isn't paired with my account

The partner who sold you your device could have made a mistake. Or you've just bought a second-hand device that isn't paired with your account. Registration is easy. Open your account on, sign in and click on the user icon to get into your account. In the form, you can see serial numbers of your devices. There are always two of them, on for holder and one for the charger. If you can't see your device, just click add device and you can easily register it.


Enter the serial number, there are two options:

  • 12-digit serial number of the kit, listed on the box label, assigns both the charger and the holder
  • copy the holder and charger serial number one at a time

Where to find unique serial numbers of your device

  • both devices in the set have a common serial number, shown only on the box
  • the holder has a unique serial number shown right under the cap
  • the charger has a unique serial number shown on its side


Pairing a second-hand IQOS


If you purchased a device that was originally paired with another account, it will need to be removed first, for each device can only be registered to one account. The original owner has to open his account and in the device overview, he should press a small icon above the serial number and select Delete. Afterwards, the device can be immediately paired to another account, everything is online. If you do not know the owner, contact Customer Support, see below.


Complaint and replacement

You do not need the receipt for a complaint, the vendors are very agreeable, and they only need the device to be registered to an account. Sometimes they don't even require it.



Pairing can sometimes get annoying. One typo is enough for problems to occur. In this case, please contact Customer Suppor. It's free. They will help you with everything. They are usually very keen on to help you.


IQOS Customer care service:


Find out all contacts in this article.


Although they cannot verify that the device really belongs to you, operators will also help you register a device that is paired with another account without asking for an email confirmation. This can be annoying, for example, when losing a device or when it is stolen from you. Upon request, we were assured that they must deal with such a problem individually.



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