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How to make your IQOS unique? You should or you might lose the possibility to file a complaint

IQOS is quickly becoming widespread. Many times circulating among friends, which can get somewhat problematic. Is it really "your" IQOS that you bring back home?   


With IQOS you can draw attention to yourself, which is understandable. But when that happens, suddenly the owners somehow become its ambassadors. They're showing what it can do to anyone who asks and bring in more and more new customers. Now the trouble shows itself. People are living together, both are using IQOS, how do they recognize whose cleaner belongs to whom when those cleaners are the same color. How about HEETS? something goes wrong and you file a complaint ready to return your IQOS they can easily find out its serial number and know which one's right. But what if it happens somewhere public?


Until now we would unknowingly steal each other's lighters. I mean, every smoker knows this. It just happens. But how do you recognize your own IQOS when more of them show up?

Stickers on IQOS? Rather be careful, your life might be at stake

Mark your own IQOS

The easiest way is to mark both sides. You can use silicone cases for your charger, you can buy hundreds and hundreds of stickers that you can without a problem find on the internet and so on. Who likes the original design, well, you can mark it on the narrower side with any symbol you like. You can have your own initials (or any word whatsoever) engraved on for free at IQOS Lounge (more about this in the upcoming article). 


It's even easier with the holder. It too goes with engraving but there is more. The top cover (cap) can be removed and you can officially buy it in many colors right from the manufacturer. You can also find all of these unofficial sellers on AliExpress for example although we wouldn't recommend these. You never know what the cap is made of and whether it can withstand the heat. Because of this, you should also avoid putting stickers right on the holder. 

Write down your serial number


Another way might be writing down the serial number of your device and checking it always when you leave other IQOS users.  You can find it on the charger, right under the top cover. The serial number should be attached to your account as set up by your IQOS dealer. If you have a second hand IQOS you should register it to your name.  


Get a limited edition

The most expensive solution could be buying an IQOS limited edition. As for IQOS 2.4 you can choose from IQOS Ruby, IQOS Pink, IQOS Blue or the special Motor Sport edition. This solution has one huge advantage. You sure will draw a lot of attention to yourself. 



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