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How to file a complaing for a broken IQOS, broken heating blade can also be the reason to do so

With a new device, you get two years warranty, as the law says. The manufacturer takes complaints very well and doesn't usually make a big fuss about it and just gives you a new device. 


 Filing a complaint when IQOS stops working is easy. The manufacturer is aware of our nicotine addiction, therefore, he gives you a new piece upon request no matter what the defect is.  

September 2018 brings a new complaint procedure


How to register IQOS to your account and how to unpair it) Philip Morris keeps track of all IQOS devices by their unique serial number, thus he knows exactly about the device's warranty. 


None of us likes this last step. But if you are completely sure you've checked everything and tried all of our tips, complaining is the last remaining option. IQOS is usually exchanged without further due and piece for a piece

  • File a complaint via your IQOS dealer
  • File a complaint via Customer Care Center
  • File a complaint via Pop-Up store

Contact for Customer Care Center for all countries


All you need is to have your IQOS registered to your customer account. You don't need the invoice. The worker will help you to fill in a form, unpair your device from your account and register a new one to it. It takes about ten minutes.



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