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How to charge IQOS correctly, how long the battery lasts, how to find out battery life expectancy

 According to the manufacturer, the battery in the IQOS charger has about 7,000 charging cycles, the holder will charge about 20 times per cycle, so it should last for many years. How to find out the battery status of the holder? 



While with the charger you will find the battery level easily according to the number of holder charges (HEETS smoked), it will initially last for up to 25 recharges, and soon it will come to last for about 20 recharges. You may encounter a situation that although the charger signals two dots, it will no longer charge, it's normal, the charge indicator is not completely reliable.


How to charge IQOS correctly

Just like any electronic device IQOS needs certain care. Current knowledge about charging a Li-On battery says that the longest lifetime can be achieved by recharging at 20% of capacity, it is not necessary or desirable to discharge it to zero.


Finding out the holder battery status

For a passionate user, it needs about twenty charges every day, the battery is adapted to frequent charging. Of course, its lifetime will shorten during use. You can find out easily:

  • Recharge the holder in the IQOS charger
  • Remove it from the charger and prepare your stopwatch (for example on your mobile)
  • Switch on the holder without HEETS in it and wait until it vibrates
  • Activate your stopwatch, meanwhile
  • The time is measured until the battery is fully discharged when the holder goes out
  • If the battery is alright, you will get a result time of about 5:40 - 6:00 minutes
  • If the battery is near the end of its life, the holder can be continued to use normally, but it will start to flash red instead of the normal white color during charging.


The battery in both the charger and the holder is legally guaranteed for 12 months. IQOS is not yet in the market for one year and Philip Morris has been dealing with all complaints without examining the defects. It is not yet clear how they will deal with after-warranty service after a two-year warranty. Experience from abroad suggests that IQOS can get exchanged even after warranty.



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