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How to activate Bluetooth in IQOS 3 and connect it to your Android smartphone

Just like IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3 and Multi has also integrated Bluetooth. We will advise you on how to activate it, even if the pairing button is missing.


 We have already written several times about connecting IQOS to your phone using Bluetooth, we even have a separate IQOS Bluetooth section for it. We've already described what you can do with Bluetooth in the article What Bluetooth is for and how to connect IQOS to your smartphone, you can even activate hidden functions. Development of the Android control app is being finished after a long time and we can expect it very soon.


Bluetooth in IQOS 3

Bluetooth is built-in in IQOS 3 and IQOS Multi by default, but at first glance, the activation button is missing, but it really is not. It has been integrated into the main switch.

  1. Open google play and install this IQOS Connect app using this tutorial
  2. Turn off your IQOS 3 by holding the button for 4 seconds
  3. Then turn on your IQOS 3 again by holding down the button for 4 seconds, not longer, otherwise, it will go to rest mode
  4. In IQOS Connect, tap Add device
  5. The phone will find IQOS 3 and ask you to confirm the pairing
  6. IQOS will appear in the device list and you can adjust it according to the article above




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