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How often to clean IQOS with special cleaner and ethanol sticks

Although, there is nothing burning in IQOS, while smoking tobacco particles are released from HEETS. Therefore you should clean your device regularly.  

In the video, you can see how to clean your IQOS with the "egg-shaped" cleaner. We consider this method as the required minimum, also recommended by the manufacturer, but some users may prefer to clean it more often. It's not necessary but it can't be bad either. And cleaning your device with ethanol sticks is just as important.

Quick tutorial on how to clean IQOS

The thing is, if you neglect the dirt in your device, mainly around the heating blade, it only takes a few days and IQOS suddenly doesn't taste all that good and HEETS are heated too much.


How to clean IQOS properly

  1. After every pack of HEETS use the "egg-shaped" cleaner by removing the top cover from the holder. You're supposed to clean the heater with the longer part and the cover with the shorter part.
  2. You can carry the "egg-shaped" cleaner with you, we recommend it, and clean anytime you see there's something around the heating blade. While cleaning blade, do it softly, with no pressure. You can clean the cleaner once a month in warm water - make sure it's completely dry before using it again.
  3. Use an ethanol stick to clean the heating blade and everything around it. Most dirt settles there. If you happen to break the blade, don't worry, the manufacturer understands it can happen and will get you a new device for free.
  4. Ethanol sticks used to be cheaper, now you need to buy them. They aren't very expensive and the pack contains 30 pieces. You can also use standard cotton sticks instead if you dip them in ethanol.
  5. You can also use an ethanol stick to clean the top cover. If it's black afterwards, you should clean the device more often.
  6. The bottom of a well-cleaned device is supposed to be grey/white. There must be nothing dark around the blade. It's normal if it looks as if there was a crack in it, it's designed this way.
  7. The charger of IQOS 2.4 doesn't require any maintenance. 
  8. You can find more ideas and recommendations here Tips and tutorials

From time to time you can see the holder is being charged for a longer time than usual. This is due to the blade being cleaned by heat. This process is automatic so you don't have to do anything. 


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