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How many HEETS you can carry abroad, it's not the same as cigarettes, in a plane IQOS belongs to your carry-on baggage

Because different types of HEETS are sold abroad, users often ask about the maximum amount allowed to be transported across borders from all parts of the world.


In countries where HEETS cartridges are sold, other varieties can be purchased in addition to the usual variations, you can check this list of all HEETS flavors. As far as imports into the country are concerned, they are not cigarettes, they are seen as a tobacco product, judged by the weight of the tobacco contained. It is essential to calculate that one HEETS pack (20pcs) contains 6.1g / 0.2152 oz of tobacco (one piece of 0,3 g / 0.01058 oz) according to the manufacturer's data.


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Also, one of the frequently asked questions is where does IQOS belong. As an electronic device with a battery, it is necessary to carry it with you in your carry-on baggage.


Imports from EU countries

In the European Union, the free movement of goods for personal use is permitted free of charge for private individuals, unless you carry it for resale. Identifying personal imports is up to the customs administration, taking into account how the goods are packed and transported or for which company you work. The price of goods includes VAT, or excise tax, from the country from which you import it.

How to travel with IQOS abroad when going to a vacation

Minimum quantities per person are set for the import of goods, multiplied by the number of passengers when transported. This follows from Council of Europe Directive 92/12/1992 EEC on the general arrangements for products subject to excise duty and on the holding, movement, and monitoring of such products.

  • 800 cigarettes (4 normal cartons)
  • 1 kg / 35 oz of tobacco (164 HEETS boxes)
  • 400 cigarillos up to 3g / 0,1 oz per piece
  • 200 pcs of cigars
  • 10 liters of distillate
  • 20 liters of fortified wine
  • 90 liters of wine (including max. 60 liters of sparkling wine)
  • 110 liters of beer


HEETS cartridges are considered to be tobacco, a 20pcs pack contains 6.1g / 0,2152 oz of tobacco, so you can carry 164 packs (16 cartons) in the EU.


Transporting more than the allowed quantity 

It all depends on the assessment of customs officers. Their approach will be different if you carry cartons well hidden in your car's trunk or in a shopping bag among groceries. You may always be subjected to a personal search, they can check your car or luggage, and you will have to prove that it is for your personal consumption. If you do not prove the purpose, you will have to pay the customs duty or the goods will be seized.


Imports into EU territory from other countries of the world


When coming to the EU from other countries, such as Switzerland, where they often have limited editions of HEETS, Ukraine (Parliament), Russia and Korea (Blueberry HEETS Purple), but also from the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, where EU law does not apply on VAT and excise taxes, you can come across two limits that add up! 



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