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Have a look at limited editions IQOS Pink, Blue, Navy and Motor sport

Except for two basic colors IQOS White and Navy you can also choose from these few limited editions, just take a look.


The most common color variations you can see at IQOS Store are white and navy. But sometimes Philip Morris likes to stir things up a little with its limited editions that focus mostly on design and offer way more colorful variations. 

Where to buy limited editions

Limited editions are released on each market at a different date, sometimes only for special occasions, but always at a full standard price without surcharge. If it isn't in the offer, you can buy it on websites such as eBay or Aliexpress, but prices will be significantly higher, often up to two times higher.



The pink version is very subtle with a fine metallic, unfortunately, it is not the modern and popular saturated color, but rather an old "salmon" pink, which slightly changes shades according to the light impact. Holder has a gold button and stripe. It is most in demand among women and often sold out very quickly.


Metallic blue is liked especially by men. It has a matte, quite rough surface and isn't really susceptible to scratches. The sides are deep blue, the holder is decorated with a gold button and a stripe. In our opinion, this could be the most attractive limited edition.

IQOS Motor sport

The most unique is the Motor sport edition, released because of the participation of Philip Morris in motor racing. The silver bottom of the charger has a matte black cap and deep red sides with black buttons. The holder is of the same combination but reversed. It has a black button and a red stripe. It also has a black charging cable and a black cleaner.



The charger's dark red body feels slightly plastic, the lid is shiny silver, the holder is of the same combination but reversed. It has a silver stripe and a silver button.



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