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HEETS Creations, how it tastes special limited edition mixed by chef and mixologist

HEETS Creations in stylish black box with rainbow colors bring specially blended tobacco with herbs based on recipes made by world famous celebrities. They taste really great.


HEETS Creations are really another cup of tea, herbal or fruit. Tobacco fragrance recipes were mixed by Chef Juan Amador, holder of three Michelin stars and mixolog René Soffner, winner of the Best Mixologist of Europe 2019 competition, who collaborate with IQOS on the future vision of heated tobacco.

The sophisticated perception of the tastes of the two top gastronomers has indeed manifested itself, all four variants of Creations are balanced in taste, and I dare say that it is incomparably better than commonly sold, although for each of them it is clear from which basic HEETS variants were mixed.


How HEETS Creations taste

As usual, the taste descriptions are too fleeting and little explanatory. Below the official description we have added our real (and subjective) impressions, which differ from the description quite a lot. Great is that only Glaze seems slightly menthol.

HEETS Creations is like a dream come true compared to commonly sold variants.



Warm stone fruit
A rich tobacco blend couples with subtle ripe stone fruit nuances and woody nites complemented by velvety creamy sensations.

IQOSmag: The orange flavor is probably based on HEETS Amber, most reminiscent of a peach or apricot, the flavor is balanced and slightly sweet with caramel, and in our opinion the best of all four flavors.

HEETS Creations Apricity


Balmy citrus

An elegant tobacco blend fused with warm nutty sensations delicately balanced with zesty notes and fruit aromas.

IQOSmag: The brown flavor is very much reminiscent of the creamy taste of HEETS Teak (lighter Bronze), but the softer Noor are more earthy and velvety, clearly showing the sweetness of the fruit.

HEETS Creations Noor


Fresh garden spice
A delicate mix of fresh and herbal notes accompanied with an underlying twist of creamy sensations.

IQOSmag: Green is probably based on the Willow variant, gently menthol with an herb base, probably basil.


HEETS Creations Glaze 


Fresh blossom
A delightful combination of ripe fruit and floral aromas coupled with a mix of fresh sensations.

IQOSmag: The base of the purple variant will be HEETS Purple, but without menthol, they are heavily scented with fruit with a hint of jasmine or lavender.

HEETS Creations Yugen

Our impressions

HEETS Creations are like a dream come true compared to conventional variations. With the exception of Yugen, they are not explicitly flavored, rather slightly scented, so do not rely on our impressions so much, everyone will taste according to his imagination.

Availability and price of HEETS Creations

The limited edition of Creations is currently only available in some countries of the former Soviet Union, especially in Russia, and it is unclear whether other countries will be able to see it.


Because in Russia the price is very low approx. 2 €, some HEETS Creations smuglers already sell at the usual world internet marketplaces or some secret specialized FB groups.

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