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First aid, water got into your IQOS device, what to do

Did water get into your IQOS device or in your holder? Did it go through a washing machine? Fell into a glass of beer? A coffee cup? Find out how to proceed.


Wet electronics is always troublesome. Most of the times it can even cause irreversible damage to your device. In this article, you'll find out which are the best options for saving it. 


IQOS can get very tricky as it is a device that many people give no rest to. And as it happens, sometimes it can fall... right into a glass of water. Worse case, into a sweetened hot tea. And in the worst scenario, into the seawater. Don't panic. Definitely rush, though.


Myths and nonsense

The first thing to do, stop listening to myths! The best thing you can do is doing nothing with the device as you should immediately go and see a repairman. The warranty is gone anyway. Anyone who knows a little about electronics can open it and fix it. Cleaning should also be much cheaper than buying a new device. 

  • Do not use a hair dryer, that action would only spread the liquid further than it was.
  • No radiators, ovens or microwaves! 
  • Take the device apart. IQOS devices are pretty much hollow so it will probably be full of water. Take away all the covers. 
  • Forget about rice. Rice helps with humidity but is not very helpful when the device is soaking wet. 
  • Water isn't that bad, coffee is also quite ok. On the other hand, sugar, beer, saltwater are very bad.
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Remember that even if the device did not drown, the liquid rises into the printed circuit. If you have the device in your pocket or in your handbag, rain can also be damaging. Also cold will cause internal condensation of the joints when you move to a warm area.


Unfortunately, there is always some electricity in IQOS, so there is a good chance that the more a battery is charged, the more likely it is to burn the electronics. Then there is no help, the device cannot be repaired, it would not be worth it.


Regular water, rain and unsweetened drinks, coffee, tea

One of the better cases where the water really dries. And often the electronics seem to be without damage. But the water is full of minerals that will remain in the parts on the board and begin to oxidize, the defect may come unexpectedly after weeks and months.

Cleaning may not be difficult; Cleaning costs around 15-20 dollars.

Sweetened beverages, beer


Beer and sweetened drinks are really bad. It sticks. They stick mainly in connectors, buttons and prevent drying. It is not in your power to put the device in order and often not even in the power of a technician. Do not hesitate to go to service, see to it that the device is disassembled immediately. Cleaning will be more demanding and more expensive.


The sea is salty, a washing machine full of chemicals

The most terrible thing that can happen is when your device falls into salt water. It is even worse than washing it in a washing machine. Both are quite bad, though. The salt immediately burns all the printed circuits, if IQOS is really wet, it is better to wash it in fresh water. Certainly, do not dry it in the sun. Here, salt parasites on electronics basically instantly, and the damage is mostly irreversible. Just consider buying a new one. 



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