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Coughing after IQOS, real experience, you won't like what you cough out

IQOS is without discussion less harmful than cigarettes for a smoker. However, we can discuss which new toxic components it's getting into our bodies, but even then, none of that is proven. From my own experience, I can only tell you what it can take out of your body and I'm sure you're not going to like that.

0 is an independent fun-site so we can write about anything we want, even our personal experience and opinions. That gives us a huge advantage when compared to the manufacturer who has to be very careful about anything health related he says. From a responsible point of view and from my own long-time experience, I can say, that IQOS can be considered a good thing for a smoker.


I was lucky enough to see something that not everyone who switches from cigarettes to IQOS can. Also, during my transition, I suffered a very, very serious cold that only men can get. 


Maybe you'll think I'm crazy when I say catching a cold is good luck but the fact is that while I obviously don't normally like catching a cold just like anyone of you, this time it helped me to see what really was the whole time inside my own lungs. And frankly, I was horrified. You'll need a duck stomach for what comes next.

It's normal to cough when you're breathing in HEETS steam for the first time. The body is getting rid of its pollutants. It'll pass after a few days.

A person with a cold tends to couch to get rid of mucosal products. If it's a smoker's cough, then it's rather horrible. But I gradually found out that IQOS was also causing me to cough. And according to our Facebook group, I'm not alone. My cold just showed me what we cough up.


I've come up with a theory (doesn't really matter if it's scientifically correct) that when you breathe in this hot steam produced by IQOS, it has an impact on your lungs. I've also come to think that the menthol flavor has to do something with it. It opens your pulmonary alveoli and all kinds of things get released. We've all seen the pictures on cigarette packs - lungs that are completely black. I thought of them as no more than just instruments of propaganda. 

For me, IQOS is about health, helps me breathe better and no one can change my mind.


It's very interesting to see what comes out. I've seen it with my eyes. They are these little black particles, I think it could be tar. It was coming out of me for like two weeks. I can even feel them in my throat.


Deep breath

At the same time, there comes a liberating feeling of breath that I only remember from years ago when I stopped smoking for the first time. It is exactly the same as when you come to the mountains and take a deep breath. Every day I breathe better and better with debilitating flu. A similar feeling is confirmed by absolutely everyone who has tried IQOS. In addition, medical studies say that the largest portion of tar from the lungs is already three months away from smoking.

Although I often express my anger about the hight price of HEETS it helps me to remind myself that it's the price I have to pay for having a better health.


Scientists of shady origins, paid by someone hidden in the shadows can doubt IQOS as much as they want. Philip Morris then even helps them by keeping the content of HEETS a secret, we only know that partially. We can only argue what the biopolymer in the filter is releasing when you smoke IQOS and whether it is carcinogenic.


But one thing is certain, my breathing is better and after many years I again feel like a nonsmoker. And if I keep coughing out those black particles for so long that my lungs become pink again I don't even care how much it costs, go on, Philip Morris, you can even raise the price.


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