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Chewing gum flavoured cartridges Fiit: Compatible but not suitable for IQOS devices

Fiit fruit flavour cartridges are designed for LILs devices originating from South Korea, but as you might already heard they are compatible with IQOS too. Some of these cartridges include a switch ball with orange, lime or chewing gum flavour.


Branded Tobacco cartridges for Fiit can be found on Amazon and eBay, since the Korean Market has no restrictions regarding the sale of flavoured tobacco products, not like the EU market. The variability is endless. Different flavours are available or if change-up balls are your thing, you will not be disappointed either. 


Fiit are compatible, but . .

First thing to be mentioned here, Fiit are compatible, but not certified for IQOS. What does it do then when I use Fiit in my IQOS device? Well, it will not explode, that is for sure. Lil heats the cartridge differently, it uses thorn instead of heating stick. This causes the heat being distributed differently in the cartridge. This requires Fiit to have more glycerin for the steam easily released. There is nothing bad about glycerin, it just makes your device more impure.

Korean Fiit for Lil with the Change Up ball

How are the flavoured Fiit like?

There is a lot to choose from, when it comes to Fiit. Some of them are tobacco like, some of them are flavoured and lastly the manufacturer thought of those who like to have it with a click ball. The most interesting of all those are certainly the orange ones, the flavour can be described as fruity Hubba Bubba.


Fiit: Price wise 

The original price in South Korea is definitely lower than HEETS in USA. Keeping in mind that those cartridges are being imported to US unofficially, prices gets bit higher. The market price range somewhere between 8 to 10 USD per packet



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