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Ceramic covered aluminium can, cool looking "ashtray" without smell, we call it Heetstray

Do you enjoy smoking IQOS and the fact that compared to cigarettes it leaves almost no mess? You can take it even further. Sure you've already found out there needs to be somewhere to put all those "cigarette butts". We've come to very much like this ceramic covered aluminium can that is designed especially for IQOS. 


If you liked to smoke classic cigarettes at home and decided to switch to IQOS, it's possible you've thrown away all the dirty and smelly ashtrays. Where to put your HEETS "cigarette butts" though? This unobtrusive Heetstray might become of great service to you. Also, it looks really good.


Although the can might look really big, thanks to the narrowed neck that stops the smell it fits something around 20 butts. Then it needs to be opened and emptied. 

You can buy it via IQOS E-shop. And if you want to go even bigger, you can also buy IQOS Heetstray for your car.




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