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Bug, IQOS is flashing red and stopped charging, how to fix it or how to file a complaint

 Does the LED light on the charger or the holder flash red? It could be a defect that you can fix by an easy reset or it could be a sign that a complaint is needed, you can complain at IQOS Store, your dealer or Pop-up store.


The most frequent IQOS defect is when IQOS stops charging as it should. The red light starts flashing, either on the holder or charger. The device can be seriously damaged, but also a simple reset might just do. Try these easy steps to find out what to do.


If the holder flashes red while charging but it still fully charges anyway, it signalizes the battery life coming to an end. File a complaint.


What to do when IQOS breaks down

  1. Make sure that the holder is correctly and loosely plugged into the charger, always with the indicator light to open. Never push it in with force.
  2. Is your IQOS warm? Especially in winter, but also in cold summer nights, the holder can easily cool down, it is very susceptible to temperature changes. Take it in the palm of your hand and if it is cold, warm it up and then try charging it again.
  3. If the holder is properly inserted, the cover closed and the red light is on, connect the charging base. Sometimes it signals one or two dots but is already discharged.
  4. Try resetting both IQOS parts, the charger, and the holder. Read more about this in our article on How to reset IQOS.
  5. Clean the holder at the bottom, the contact pads will sometimes get dirty and they won't fit properly on the connectors, eg ordinary rubber will help. You can also blow into the base that can contain dirt, dust or tobacco residue.
  6. The last advice might sound very strange. Wait. Unless you have withdrawal syndrome. In our Facebook group, there are cases where the device gets its own sense after a few minutes, sometimes hours and then it still works as if nothing happened.


Freezing IQOS? Not recommended

On the internet, you can find many crazy ideas on how to fix your IQOS. One of them is to put it in the freezer. But we don't recommend this solution as IQOS doesn't like cold. It will just ruin the battery and solve nothing.


Filing a complaint

None of us likes this last step. But if you are completely sure you've checked everything and tried all of our tips, complaining is the last remaining option. IQOS is usually exchanged without further due and piece for a piece

All you need is to have your IQOS registered to your customer account. You don't need the invoice. The worker will help you to fill in a form, unpair your device from your account and register a new one to it. It takes about ten minutes.



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