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British government prefers IQOS to cigarettes, considers it less harmful

British Committee on Toxicity (COT) found out that people who use heat, not burn products tend to be exposed to harmful substances by 50 to 90% when compared with classic cigarettes. 


Heat, not burn tobacco devices (vaporizers) are harmful to your health, but they are safer than classic cigarettes, as British experts say. Committee says, that these devices produce many chemical components, and even some of those, that could potentially cause cancer.


Committee on Toxicity (COT) kept looking into a whole lot of evidence of two not burning products that are currently being sold in Great Britain - IQOS and iFuse. It's expressed its concern that it could be young smokers would start using such products, although, the manufacturer claims that these products aim solely to smokers that want to keep the taste of tobacco while also getting rid of the smell and also for those smokers who don't feel like smoking classic cigarettes anymore.


Harmful substances


Devices that heat tobacco to a certain temperature that allows steam to be produced while also not producing smoke are very different than standard e-cigarettes that heat liquid containing nicotine - a highly addictive substance in tobacco smoke.


The Committee has found that people that use heat, not burn devices are less exposed to harmful substances, by 50 to 90%, when compared to classic cigarettes. But it wasn't possible to calculate this precisely.


Professor Alan Boobis, the Committee's chairman said: "The evidence suggests that products meant for heating are still a health risk for its users. However, it is probable that the health risks for smokers switching from cigarettes will be lower."


The Committee didn't manage to gather enough evidence for it to be compared to e-cigarettes, although, it expressed its concern that people thinking e-cigarettes are without risk might think the same about vaporizers. It also recommends using these devices as only a transition for those who want to give up smoking completely. Health experts say that quitting smoking is still the healthiest choice.



Philip Morris Limited spokesman says: "Today's statement by the UK Toxicity Committee encourages us to continue to share our scientific evidence. We believe that smoke-free alternatives, including heated tobacco products like IQOS, have significant potential to be less harmful than cigarettes and can play an important role for smokers and public health."




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