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A user of electronic cigarette died in USA, this fact is not related to IQOS, but marihuana

Huge medial hysteria linked to the death of electronic cigarette user is getting to its conclusion. First tests show that the cause of death is most likely caused by liquid with marihuana. Heated tobacco used for IQOS in not relevant to this issue.


 The demise connected to the electronic cigarette usage is getting viral all over the world and due to its sensitivity and Americans fighting against the smoking. It is becoming a big deal also in relation with heated tobacco. It is necessary to mention right at the beginning that this is not connected in any way to IQOS technology.


Based on Centrum for disease control and prevention (CDC) approximately 450 cases of difficulty breathing and three deaths – most of them for age group up to 20 years were reported this year.


Ongoing tests suggest that the vitamin E contained in the e-liquids might be the possible cause of death. The vitamin E is used on the black market for THC binding from cannabis.

Those effected are suffering with cough, shortness of breath, tiredness and in some case even vomiting combined with diarrhea. `In most of the cases the patients admitted that they have used the product containing THC` the director of CDC Robert Redfield stated.


Governments now want strictly regulates liquid composition. It cannot consist of any other toxic substance than nicotine, though the long-term health issues still might be a threat. We are now reaching 10 years period of using alternative ways of smoking without any major issues and the composition of substances is now well known.


There is also no track of any of the listed medical issues or deaths connected to the issue and that is something big since we register approximately half a million of users (based on statistics from State Medical Institute - year 2017).


From the data available - the IQOS users should not be affected at all. Composition of HEETS does not include any of the substances causing the death in USA. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that not smoking is the healthiest option.



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