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A non-burning IQOS cigarette is harmful to health, but significantly less than cigarettes

With the growing popularity of the IQOS electronic cigarette from Philips Morris, a discussion about its harmfulness, especially in relation to both classic and electronic cigarettes, has been repeatedly unleashed.


As the camp of IQOS supporters grows, we have repeatedly encountered questions of smokers about its harmfulness, so we have compiled the IQOS Harmfulness and Impact on Health section, where everyone will find all the answers.


How IQOS works is described in a separate section. Heating the tobacco fill with glycerine to 350 ° C releases steam with nicotine. Of course, such a temperature is not negligible, therefore the filter comprises a cooling biopolymer insert made of natural corn starch that absorbs heat.

Official composition of HEETS by Philip Morris


IQOS is harmful, but significantly less than cigarettes

IQOS is not risk-free, it is stated on it and certainly cannot be recommended to non-smokers and it is necessary to protect children and adolescents from it. It contains nicotine, which is as addictive as a regular cigarette.


However, it is a blessing for a classic cigarette smoker, despite possible unknown harmful substances, containing 80% - 90% less hazardous substances, as the British Government's special commission admitted.


In particular, the water vapor generated by the evaporation of glycerin from IQOS does not contain burnt tar, which is in most cases identified as the main cause of most diseases and cancer, since paper does not burn.

IQOS is harmful and addictive, it cannot be recommended to non-smokers or minors.


It is clear from our Facebook group and many others, that the smoker's transition to IQOS significantly improves breathing and feels better after the initial coughing tar out of the lungs. In addition, there is often talk of a very high percentage of smokers, whom IQOS helped to quit smoking in a short time.


IQOS in duel with electronic cigarettes

There is a great deal of resistance among users and, above all, e-cigarette sellers. Some of their biased articles have been cited repeatedly since they were published earlier, and Google still shows them at the top of the search.


But the truth is that IQOS users are still taking nicotine and usually have no need to return to the classic cigarette, unlike an electronic cigarette that was not enough.

Every new nicotine product will be in doubt about its health effects, especially when cigarette makers have lied for a long time.


Trust in electronic cigarettes has been undermined by recent deaths in the US, despite being caused by experimenting with THC. Remember, it is best not to smoke at all and IQOS can help you if you choose to.



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